Monday, June 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is my first time participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and I'm already looking forward to creating photographs for next week's prompts. I know that being a part of weekly challenges such as this will allow me to continue to learn, grow, and capture my progress.

This week's prompts were: Shine, Fast, Left, Peace, and Plain. 

I combined Shine and Peace with a photo that I took earlier in May.  It's my first time so I thought an archive and combination would be okay.

This was a Peaceful afternoon that I took to explore, and I loved the Shine displayed on the water.

Fast.  After I ended a quick morning walk, I headed to the car to grab my camera.  My initial thoughts were to capture the ducks hanging out on the edge of the lake, but instead I took a spontaneous turn over to the dog park.  The dog owners were so welcoming, and I must go back again.

The only rosebush Left in my backyard.  A green, not so much:)  I'm trying:)

Plain.  Just a plain dandelion that was among a few weeds at my back doorstep.  In case you're wondering the weeds are gone.

Thanks for checking out my photos for the week!  

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Robyn said...


I like your pictures for this week's Scavenger Hunt. Simple and fitting.

Thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving a nice comment.

Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you decided to join us - loving your photos this week. I hope I'll see you again next week!

My name is Tiffany said...

Lovely! I really like the shot of the dog, you can see the motion. Great pictures.